Meetings and Congresses

As part of our mission to increase connections between and among related research disciplines, we regularly host several meetings and congresses for members. Every two years, we host a biennial congress for WAidid members to come together and share their research, meet new potential partners, and learn new information about their fields. These congresses are held in different places each time. Please stay tuned for information about the upcoming third biennial congress.

At our first biennial congress, we had presentations covering varied topics such as vaccines, viruses and bacteria (including emerging viruses like Zika virus and preventing old illnesses like tuberculosis), and off-label drugs, including the use of those drugs in the pediatric context. At our second congress, held in Milan, we covered new information about vaccines, infectious diseases, immunology, pneumology, allergology, nutrition, and new therapeutic approaches. Both of these congresses were resounding successes, and members had the opportunity to forge new professional connections, share information with each other, and gather new information to take back to their prospective research institutions.

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