About Our Organization

WAidid, the world association for infectious diseases and immunological disorders, started in the summer of 2014. Our goal at the time was to encourage and expand scientific research in our field and do spread information on the causes of infectious diseases and immunological disorders. We hoped to share that information at both the national and international levels.

The organization was born, in part, from observations about poor networking between related organizations in the field. Professional and research groups would form, but shared little information with each other across regional and national boundaries. There was also very little cross-disciplinary information sharing, so information in the immunological and infectious disease context was not being shared with the treating physicians and researchers in other fields who could benefit from that information. We sought to improve those networks by forging personal and professional connections among scientists, researchers, educators, and organizations in the field.

Since our organization was founded, we’ve worked to build its social and philanthropic mission. We promote scientific research, educational initiatives, and professional training for doctors and other medical professionals. We also work to develop guidelines for handling critical issues in infectious diseases and immunology using an evidence-based approach. By tying our guidelines to rigorous scientific standards and research, we increase the trustworthiness of our organization and the reliability of its publications.

Because of how our organization came to be, we firmly believe that we can only reach our objectives if we use a multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary method that incorporates information from several different areas of research and treatment. To do that, we work with specialists in different areas of study to draw upon their relevant areas of expertise. Then we combine that expertise to create groundbreaking new work.

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